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How does Dramamine work ?

How does Dramamine work?
Dimenhydrinate blocks certain signals in the brain to help relieve the feelings of nausea and vertigo. Its effect also induces sleep in the patient, which makes it an effective drug for motion sickness as it relieves the body of any sensation of motion. Dramamine treatment is only for temporary relief; it is not a permanent cure.

Side Effects of Dramamine
One of the biggest Dramamine side effects is hallucinations, which is generally associated with higher dosages of the drug. It can also lead to blurred vision and drowsiness at times. Other known Dramamine side effects include seizures; insomnia; dry mouth; nervousness; difficulty in urination; and difficulty in breathing. While these are occasional, they might prove to be dangerous if not treated immediately. Chronic users of this drug have also reportedly gone into depression. If taken as per doctor’s instructions, there are no severe Dramamine side effects expected.

Guidelines before Taking
Be cautious not to use this drug while driving or working with some kind of machinery since the drowsiness caused may lead to mishaps. People with liver, prostate and kidney problems must avoid consuming this medicine. Asthma and glaucoma patients must exercise caution while consuming this drug. You may take this drug after a meal or snacks to avoid problems in the stomach, though it may be taken on an empty stomach as well. Women must consult their physician about using this drug during pregnancy as its effects on the unborn baby are not entirely clear.

What are the common dosages of Dramamine?
Dramamine is available in 50mg tablets, though the actual daily dosage is to be decided by your doctor.

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